Handel's 'The Messiah'

The Pure Evangelical Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Messiah

George Fredrick Handel was not a theologian, Bible scholar, evangelist or Christian educator, but his heart was open to the beautiful, the powerful and the triumphant. Handel understood the obvious - that the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures had Jesus as their subject and that the salvation and succoring of humanity was the mission of Jesus, The Messiah of mankind.

Here are all the passages from the King James Version of the Bible that entranced the great musician, moving him to closet himself away for a month, barely eating and sleeping while the greatest music the world has ever known wrote itself - bursting forth from the greatest words and greatest message ever heard.

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James Stalker's 'The Life of Jesus Christ' is the most apt companion to Handl's Messiah. (It's all on one page; give it time to load.)