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James M Stalker, Scottish Presbyterian pastor, scholar, professor and author without peer, is a singular figure in the history of Christianity. If anyone has equaled his grasp of the significance of Jesus and his ability to communicate that comprehension, I cannot name him or her. Not that millions of others have not loved the Savior equally - for they surely have; Rev Stalker speaks for all of them in his most eloquent expression of all their emotions and knowledge; at least for me, and I think I know the heart of one who loves Jesus Christ.

I head of James Stalker through The Sword of The Lord. Dr John R Rice had asked several Evangelical leaders to name the books that had most influenced them, and one of those whose articles was printed was Dr Bob Jones, Jr. Dr Jones named The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ, by James Stalker in his short list. I found that work and can recall now the unique experience of its reading. Stalker and I were there; we watched, we heard, we witnessed the whole thing, all the events of that awful night.

It was fitting that I heard of Stalker through The Sword of The Lord. Dr Rice probably printed more of the sermons of D L Moody that anyone of the 20th century, and Moody was significantly related to Stalker. Moody and Sankey drew world-wide attention to their great 1873 campaign in the British Isles; and not the least affected by that event was James Stalker, age 25; a tribute to the greatness of both men - the greatest of scholars permanently shaped and directed by the unschooled shoe-salesman from Chicago. Both had been mastered by the beauty of Jesus and His boundless love. The great author surely thought of Moody as he wrote of Jesus as the soul-winner earnestly pursuing the individual soul.

I found other books by Stalker, including The Life of Jesus Christ. So many thousands of religious books have been authored and sold in our time, but this is the one book that I would say is must reading for all who want to know what it is all about. It is a tragedy beyond all others that vain dreams of political prophecies - carnally hoped for with an itch that cannot seem to be relieved - have so eclipsed the drama, beauty, power, pathos and joy of salvation that is the finishing of all prophecy in the person of Jesus, Savior or the World, Priest of the Poor and Guardian of Eternity. While eternity nears, we at least have the majestic works of James M Stalker and George F Handel to thrill us with reality - and to recommend to all.





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