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>I am an Israeli Jew.
> I want to respond to the following paragraphs in your
> article "Hitler and the Century of Death"
> "The Final Solution" was conceived as a plan of
> forced re-settlement (as opposed to emigration), and
> was vigorously and ruthlessly pursued with the
> knowledge that it would be deadly for many. Awful
> crimes were committed in the brutal process.
> When Hitler's own investigation confirmed the murder
> of Jews (and others) in prison camps, he ordered the
> camps closed. (Toland)
> These statements are false.
> The Final Solution was conceived as a plan of the
> physical extermination of the Jews, Gypsies and other
> ethnic minorities.  Auzhweitz, Treblinka, Belzec,
> Sovivor, Chelmno, Bergen-Belzen, Dachau and other
> places - these were not labour camps or concentration
> camps.  These were DEATH camps with Gas chambers and
> crematoriums.  In Auzhweitz alone, 15,000 people were
> killed on a daily basis on the period between April
> 1944 to Feb. 1945.
> there are numerous evidences that show Hitler knew and
> approved the final solution:
> August 1941 - Otto Bradfisch, head of Einsatzkommando
> 8 operating in the Minsk region, ask Himmler who bears
> responsibility for the executions. Himmler answers
> "these orders come from Hitler as the supreme Fuhrer
> of the German government and the force of the law.
> December 1, 1942 - report no. 51 sent by Himmler to
> Hitler reported the Einsatzgruppen actions in Soviet
> territory for the period of September 1- December 1
> 1942 inventoried that 363, 211 Jews were executed
> January 20, 1942 - Wannsee Conference- Heydrich was
> the speaker at the conference and admitted received
> order for Final solution from Hitler. Heydrich
> presided over the conference with the aid of
> Eichmann's help. The conference was attended by all
> high ranking officials. It began the immediate
> starting of the overall European Genocide. The
> liquidation of those Jews who were unable to work was
> mentioned implicitly and later extermination of the
> remainder was mentioned explicitly. The production of
> liquidation camps began such as Belzec, Sobibor and
> Treblinka. The vast amount of concentration camps
> produced after this conference made the Jewish
> question clear
> March 23,1942- Dr. Korhrr Inspector for Statistics
> finished the exact statistical report on the current
> statue of the Final Solution it noted 1,873,539 Jews
> had special treatment (Report sent to Himmler then
> Hitler)
> March 27,1942- Hitler's propaganda minister Josef
> Goebell confided to his diary ̉Not many of the Jews
> will be left over. Roughly speaking, one can be sure
> that 60% of them will be liquidated, while we will be
> able to put only 40% into labor detachments.
> July 1942- coded radio signal received from Vinnita
> read Reichskommissar Erich Koch, Rovno, Ukraine to
> liquidate within a specified period of time, all the
> Jew who were still alive in the region of Rovno signed
> by Adolf Hitler's Headquarters
> S-.


Dear Sharon,

Thanks for your note. I am glad you are studying this period of our world's history. In the next few days I will post your response as a reference to the page. I would also be interested in knowing if you found an item on my page that you thought was helpful in your study. I have great interest in your country and pray for her security and happiness. I think the American brand of democracy will work beautifully for you if it were energetically pursued -- and it may be the only available answer.  Jews have never been as safe anywhere on earth as they have been in this country. In any event, the democracy you practice is wonderful; saying that just prompts me to repeat -maybe Israel should just potentitate her greatest success and expand to 'One
Land, One Man, One Vote'. Your fellow citizen, Israel Shamir
( eloquently champions this view. American and the rest of the world would have to give immense support to make this workable - and I would vote for a one trillion dollar contribution from the USA (over 20 years).

On the issue you raise: I think I am quite willing to accept your position
as fact, if  were satisfied of the evidence. At this moment, after much
thought and study, I am of the opinion that there was not an industrial,
national policy or effort to exterminate any group - other that the
bureaucracy of the Communist party in the Soviet Union, which Hitler
supposed to be exclusively Jews. This extermination effort was documented fully by the Nazis (as you show) and no effort was made to hide it - a war crime it certainly was. The experiences of European Jewry was certainly a holocaust, by any definition, and its roots should be long studied. Part of this study must be to find actual, objective truth. One of our most prestigious Jewish citizens, here in Atlanta recently climbed over a cemetery fence one night to bury a bar of soap which he truly and sincerely thinks is the remains of a European Jew killed by Hitler in a gas chamber and then reduced to soap. This is pertinent to establishing four realities: 1) Horrible experiences such as war create horrible false perceptions - as well as horribly true memories, 2) Sincere folk can be severely mistaken, 3) Myths live on despite their refutation, and 4) All of us must be careful to dispassionately gather facts.

Sharon, you have a wonderful attitude and a wonderful manner in which you express your disagreement and offer another position. All of us should emulate you in this. Keep up the good work. I promise I will look further into the contents of your message.

I know that John Toland's book is criticized by some, but it remains one of the most widely accepted. He presents his own perplexity over Hitler's response to the investigation of atrocities in the camps, but says that it definitely was Hitler's response. Toland presents his explanation simply as an opinion.

I quote a Rabbi on my page with the position that the Holocaust happened because of  'division' within world Jewry. This 'division', I think is asource of fruitful study. In that regard, have you read 'The Transfer Agreement' by Edwin Black? (His parents survived the holocaust by hiding in a forest. )

Roy Greenhill, Sr
Atlanta, GA



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